CBRE, Denver, Colorado 

Pallmann Magic Oil 2K, Pall-X Bond & Pall-X 98 on White Oak
CBRE's new office located in downtown Denver overlooks the surrounding area with a view that is for miles to see.

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Magic Oil 2K  

Oil-wax combination that leaves an open, breathing and diffusive surface finish. Due to the wax content, a uniform matte, velvety surface is produced.

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Eileen Fisher, Denver, Colorado


  • Brand: Pallmann
  • Country: USA

Building Type: Commercial

Product: PALL-X 96 NEXGEN

Location: Denver, Colorado 

Eileen Fisher is a women's clothing store whose mission states "For over twenty five years, EILEEN FISHER has created clothes that invite women to dress simply and with delight. As a socially conscious company, EILEEN FISHER is dedicated to supporting women through social initiatives that address their well-being, to guiding our product and process towards sustaining the environment and to practicing business responsibly with absolute regard for human rights." Their use of PALLMANN Pall-X 96 Waterborne Floor Finish in their Denver, CO location was a perfect match to their mission by providing a finish that is environmentally responsible and safe. Pall-X 96 meets or exceeds all state and federal clean air quality standards yet provides a tough, beautiful and lasting wear surface.